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What Is Karat Gold?

September 25, 2018 2 min read

Its high density, softness, corrosion resistance, and ductility are among the highest in metals. K gold is an alloy that smelts gold and other metals together. Because gold is not suitable for setting stones, it is usually added with silver, copper, zinc and other metals to increase its strength and toughness. It is "K Gold”.

According to international standards, K gold is divided into 24 types, namely 1K to 24K, and 24K is 99.95% gold. 18K means 75% (18/24) of the gold, 14K is 58.5% (14/24) gold, 10K is 41.7% (10/24), and so on. At present, most of the goldsmithing materials used in countries around the world are not less than 8K, while 18K and 14K are the most expensive. Most of the Japanese-style light jewellery that has been popular in recent years is 10K.

The yellow series of K gold jewelry is an alloy of gold and silver and copper. It can be made into K gold series jewelry with different K numbers according to the gold content. The color of the yellow K gold series jewelry is related to the content of gold in K gold and the ratio of silver to copper. Gold jewelry of the same K number is lighter than copper yellow. If copper is more yellow than silver, it is deep.

In order to enrich the expressiveness of various K golds, K-gold of various colors can be synthesized by adjusting the ratio of other alloys while the gold content standard is unchanged. According to the famous Japanese jewelry magazine "Gemstone Four Seasons", there are now 450 kinds of K gold, and 20 of them are the most commonly used. For example, there are 6 kinds in 14K: red, red, yellow, yellow, dark yellow, greenish yellow; and 18K also has 5 kinds: red, reddish, yellow, light yellow, dark yellow.

A small reminder: K gold jewellery is usually very soft, Do not rudely pull, so as not to break.

Due to the high price of K Gold, the more economical gold-plated jewelry was born, consumers can choose the materials they need according to their budget and personal preferences.

Tips for Gold Buyers


24 karat = 99.5% pure gold and above

22 karat = 91.7 % gold

18 karat = 75.0 % gold

14 karat = 58.3 % gold

12 karat = 50.0 % gold

10 karat = 41.7 % gold